Have you ever dreamed of going on an African Safari or maybe you have fantasized about sharing the Earth with Dinosaurs again? You can now bring these dreams to life with ZooKazam. Play with precious panda cubs while also learning about the dangers this species is faced with. Using the fastest motion engine available on an IOS device, ZooKazam has exceptional graphics and offers the best quality Augmented Reality experience in the App Store. Entertainment, adventure and education, coexisting in an Augmented Reality app- ZooKazam brings this unrealized dream to life.

This free augmented reality app showcases the deer, a 3D animal with photo realistic animation. Be amazed as the deer comes to life right on your iPhone. ZooKazam Lite uses advanced algorithms to provide extremely realistic 3D views of your animal....

Watch a spider crawl around your desk or a butterfly land delicately on your hand. The bug collection will thrill and creep you out. Then watch out for the prehistoric T. Rex growling at you in full 3D animation....

Learn about the animals that call Zoo Atlanta home, like Kamau the lion, or the precious pandas, Mei Lun and Mei Huan. Watch photo realistic versions of some of Zoo Atlanta’s most beloved animals come to life each time you point your camera at the Zoo Atlanta logo....


How it works?

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Visit and print your target for free! Or select the print target icon on the main menu.


Select one of these icons on the main menu to select your animal.


Point your camera at the ZooKazam target and watch the animal come alive in 3D animation.


Play with the elements buttons for cool special effects.


Learn more about your animals and get to know them.


Take pictures and videos with your ZooKazam animals.


And lastly, don’t forget to share your pictures and videos with all of us on social media.



Watch the “How it works?” video

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