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New Animal categories & user interface

41 new animals

Newest Update added a Horse

Now available on AppStore

Higher recording frame rate

Faster processing algorithms

Photo & Video Capture

Ability to remove target from background

Profile, Sharing & Setting

Capture images and videos and post to social media #zookzazm

Touch the Touch

and see how ZooKazam animals will interact and play with you

new info-graphics

Teacher/ Children settings for info-graphic content level

Children version

Teacher version

Photo/Video Effects

11 various filters and effects

New Weather Scenes

Higher frame rate

post your photos on ZooKazam's instagram



The best just got better!!! Users describe Zookazam as "WOW" OR "This is AMAZING". To experience the possibilities of Augmented Reality download Zookazam 3.0.1, an educational AR App that not only allows you to learn about animals but also see and interact with them. Point your device at a paper target and witness your animal appear out of thin air as a photo realistic 3d animation.  Now click the weather icon options to watch rain or snow on your favorite animal and take the most creative pictures or videos with our variety of live photo filters.  Don't forget to share your personal zoo and creativity on Social Media.